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From the shores of New Zealand's South Island Surrey Driftwood brings you driftwood sculptures unsurpassed by any others for their beauty and resilience. Each piece is a testament to the beauty of nature. With the individual graining and wood type of each piece, enhanced by the restless motion of the waves and a final sandblasting on the windy West Coast, the originality of each sculpture is ensured. Selected on location for its dramatic appearance and character, each piece is a unique reminder of the beauty of nature at its very best.

Surrey Driftwood are able to supply naturally sculpted driftwood in all sizes from 1ft to in excess of 6ft tall/long either for sale or to hire for special occasions and exhibitions. The driftwood pieces we have supplied have been used in many diverse settings and whilst very popular for garden and landscape design projects we have also supplied driftwood to many photographic and design agencies, pubs and restaurants, Hotels, for fashion shoots, company reception areas, urban roof terraces, film and TV sets, interior designers, a hospital courtyard and even a Zoo! Each driftwood piece is completely unique and has its own characteristics - the use of driftwood will only be limited by your own imagination!

The great variety of trees that grow in the temperate climate of New Zealand provide a rich harvest of durable and beautiful wood. Unlike the ‘newer’ and less durable sculptures being imported from other shores the sculptures we supply have already stood the test of time and will do for generations to come!

These are just a few of the popular wood types we supply:

Rata (Metrosiderus robusta)

A deep red to purple timber, dense and heavy with a long, twisted wavy grain. It is hard, strong and durable. Southern Rata – not to be confused with the Northern Rata from the North Island – is found along the West Coast of the South Island where rainfall is highest. Summer flowers are vivid red and the trees provide a magnificent sight when seen growing on the hillsides.

Totara (Podocarpus totara)

A brownish-red heavy wood. It grows throughout the islands. Used originally as piles to support timber houses, many of which are still intact after 100 years. Synonymous with strength and durability, it has been used as railway sleepers, telegraph poles and construction timber. Now used mostly for carving and furniture-making, it is the preferred wood for Maori carving and canoe construction.

Matai (Prumnopitys taxifolia)

A beautiful, lighter coloured wood of medium weight. The grain is often swirling and wavy, especially near the roots and limbs, creating a beautiful effect. A durable timber, traditionally used for Maori carving and is excellent for musical instruments. A hard-wearing, high resistance wood, nowadays used for table and bench tops, furniture making, sills and doorstops.

Rimu (Dacrydium cupressinum)

A medium weight wood, used extensively by the first settlers for timber house framing. Now used for finishing work such as furniture, floors, walls, benches and architraves. One of the most distinctive forest canopy trees, the Rimu (or Red Pine) can be found throughout New Zealand and can reach a height of approximately 40 metres.

Driftwood information

We can deliver driftwood sculptures by arrangement or you can visit our driftwood display by making a prior appointment.

Each item of our constantly changing driftwood stock is unique in shape, size and texture. Many driftwood items are suited for both interior and exterior use.

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