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Current driftwood stock

We now have new driftwood in stock. We have recently taken delivery of some 18 Tonnes of naturally sculpted driftwood imported from the south west pacific region. Along with our other driftwood ‘partners’ we are now able to satisfy almost any request for freestanding or mounted natural driftwood and driftwood sculptures.

Our driftwood pieces range in size from c. 1ft to in excess of 6ft amongst which are some quite superb examples of driftwood at every level.

It is not possible to photograph the entire stock of Driftwood so please use the Contact Us form on this web site to indicate what you are looking for and we will get back to you with images of the most suitable driftwood pieces we have before you commit to travel to see us.

The images above show just a fraction of the medium length driftwood in our collection. Whilst a number of these driftwood pieces will be selected and mounted on stone bases the remaining driftwood will be sold ‘as is’.

The driftwood sculptures shown above are just a few of the smaller (c. 2ft) driftwood pieces that have been selected for their unique shape and colourings to be mounted on stone bases. There are many other driftwood pieces like this in our collection and each one is quite different from the next!

The images shown above are of some of the larger mounted driftwood pieces - all mounted on natural stone bases. Again this is just a small sample of the driftwood we have in stock.

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Driftwood information

Our driftwood stock is constantly changing. Each driftwood sculpture is completely unique and crafted not by man but by nature, as such you will never find the same sculpture in any other location.

We can deliver driftwood sculptures by arrangement or you can visit our driftwood display by making a prior appointment.

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