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The Supply ChainDriftwood Stock


Step One
During the stormy seasons in some of the most exotic locations in the world driftwood is churned up from the bottom of the oceans and washed onto the beaches we monitor. Our team of ‘collectors’ then hand pick the best driftwood pieces and return them to a central depository. Only hardwood driftwood sculptures are collected with a minimum height of 2ft. Some feature driftwood pieces will however be in excess of 6ft and will be too heavy to move from a sandy beach and so occasionally a tractor will be used to lift them off. This is a long process undertaken over many weeks to ensure that only the best driftwood is selected on location.

Step Two
When about 20 Tonnes of driftwood pieces has been collected the stock is reviewed again and the final chosen driftwood pieces are tightly packed into a 20ft sea going container for onward delivery to the nearest docks where the container is fumigated over an 18 hour period to remove any ‘nasties’.

Step Three

The container of driftwood is loaded aboard a cargo ship and is finally on its way. If coming from the South West Pacific area for example this would normally mean leaving Auckland and then travelling more than 11,500 miles via the Suez Canal to arrive eventually at Southampton. The journey (if coming from New Zealand) can take 5 weeks or more!

Step Four
We arrange (after paying vat to our friends at the customs office) for the container of driftwood to be picked up and delivered to our storage facility very close to Guildford in Surrey where the driftwood pieces are unloaded, cleaned and graded both by size and width. Also at this stage some of the better feature pieces of driftwood will be mounted on natural stone bases for display purposes.

Step Five
Our new stock of driftwood and driftwood sculptures is now ready to be sold on to our discerning public or via the trade. Most of our driftwood pieces will end up enhancing a garden display, a lot of driftwood sculptures are used for interior design and many have found a home in a restaurant or pub or as a shop window display. Some even find fame as a part of a film or TV set, amongst many other uses.

This page was set up to demonstrate that the driftwood we are supplying to you has been carefully selected (it takes many man hours to do this) and has embarked on a long and not inexpensive journey before it arrives at its final onward destination…………wherever that may be!

Driftwood information

All of our driftwood sculptures are made of hardwood and having been eroded and sanitised by the salty waters of the south west pacific region they will last indefinitely in any climate.

Situated 2km down from the Wild Coast Sun Hotel on the Eastern Cape of South Africa is a beach on which lies the Petrified Forest - where you can see fossils of sea shells dating back millions of years and huge areas of driftwood branches, roots, tree trunks and whole trees that have literally been turned into stone.

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